Thursday, April 9, 2015

Getting the Most from Your Small Private Wine Cellar

Getting the Most from Your Small Private Wine Cellar

So, you have decided that you really need a home wine cellar. You’ve built or bought the exact cellar you need, temperature and humidity controlled, and it looks just great. The big question now is, how should you stock it?

First of all, the only rule is that there are no rules. Your wine cellar, like your refrigerator or your pantry, should reflect your tastes and those of your immediate family. So if you really don’t drink much white wine, then don’t fill your cellar with it just because you should.

You need to decide what your objectives are. Do you want to have wine for everyday drinking, which are ready now, or is the cellar designed for laying down vintages which will come into their own in the years to come? Are you buying for drinking, or investing? Chances are, it’s going to be the former rather than the latter.READ MORE HERE! 

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