Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wine Facts to Know

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What is the ideal temperature for wine?
Don’t make the mistake of over-chilling your whites or serving your reds too warm. Every wine has its “sweet spot” temperature that brings out all of its finest qualities. Here is a simple infographic that will help you find the right temperatures for your favorite wine. 
Whites: chilled (45-55 degrees F) for a few hours in the refrigerator.
Reds: slightly cooler than room temperature (about 65 degrees); Younger fruity reds benefit from chilling.
Sparkling Wine: thoroughly chilled; refrigerate several hours or the night before serving.
Dessert Wine: room temperature.
Chilling tones down the sweetness of wine. If a red wine becomes too warm, it may lose some of its fruity flavor.
Should I ever use a decanter for my wines?
A decanter is used mainly to remove sediment from older red wines.  Also, it can be used to open up young red wines.  Otherwise, wine will “breathe” enough in your glass and decanting is not necessary.
Why should I swirl wine in my glass before I drink it?
By swirling your wine, oxygen is invited into the glass, which allows the aromas to escape.


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