Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hawaiian Roast Chicken

  whole broiler-fryer chicken




1 tablespoon olive oil
1 cup DOLE Pineapple Juice
1/3 cup pure maple syrup
3 tablespoons Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon low sodium soy sauce
Direction Meanwhile, combine pineapple juice, remaining tablespoon olive oil, maple syrup, mustard, and soy sauce in a small saucepan.  Whisk until smooth.  Bring to a boil over medium heat.  Reduce heat and simmer until mixture is thicken.  Reserve 1/2 cup sauce to serve with chicken.


  Brush chicken with remaining glaze.  Roast 35 to 45 minutes more brushing with glaze every 20 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 180°F,

Serve reserve sauce with roast chicken.  Use leftover chicken to make sandwiches.

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